Xinxin Jiamei was founded in November of 2015 with a capital investment of 10 million Yuan. We are a professional service provider for any Chinese patients looking for world-class medical service. We provide remote consultation or overseas treatment and physician examinations. We also organize international medical conferences and collect all cutting edge medical research.

The founders have an extensive network in every area of the medical industry. We have a vast and abundant health treatment resource and cooperate with many well known hospitals, promoting new medical technology to the world. Since 2012, the founders have investigated foreign medical resources and are building strategic cooperation with Canada, the United States, Germany, and Japan. We are headquartered in Beijing, with three branches in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Xi’an. The internet, advanced medical technology and international medical development is the principle core of our service. Our company is devoted to exploring and providing new areas of physical treatments for Chinese patients.

We have established a cooperative and trusting relationship with multiple outstanding medical institutions, such as MD Anderson Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic, and Chiba Nishi General Hospitalin Japan. Through highly trained professionals and a good faith service, we are dedicated to providing an exclusive and comprehensive medical referral services with assurances that you will receive the best medical treatment in the world.

Services Overseas medical care: We will provide you a comprehensive service package, overcoming language and regional restrictions, to get state-of-the-art medical services abroad. Remote consultation: Using remote communication to get foreign expert medical face-to-face consultation and advice on existing treatments.

Physician examination: We cooperate with world-class hospitals, such as Mayo Clinic and Massachusetts General Hospital to offer a customized and personalized experience.

From the beginning, we are committed to integrate, popularize and promote global a high-quality medical information service; to build a sharing and reliable international health service platform for Chinese patients. Based on this belief, we have built a responsive, highly efficient and professional team to provide you a full-range overseas medical treatment service with the utmost attention and quality care.

Respect all life,it has been always our pursuit.